HOW TO : Differentiate Between Original And Duplicate Samsung Products (With Images)

Copy products of samsung products are flooding the market with many companies making replicas of the samsung product.

It becomes very difficult to recognize the genuine ones as both of them look almost same. The duplicate product features the exact same look, right from the packaging to the product.

But here are some of the designs and signs that marks a difference between the original and copied one.

1. Color Of The Logo Print On USB Cables
Here, you can easily see that the original one has more Faded color while the duplicate has darker color.


2. The upper surface of the plastic body design
Here, again the finish of the duplicate is nowhere in comparison to the original one. The finishing of the duplicate is rugged at best.


3. Originals  have ring designs on chargers
While the duplicate has these designs missing. Of course, you cannot expect the duplicate manufacturer to create the same quality product (otherwise it will be too expensive to be sold in grey market)

4. Mark the A
Here, again the duplicate has a rugged finish to the letter “A” in the brand name Samsung.


5. There are so many signs that will help you out


6. Size matters!
Now, this is just too easy to spot. This duplicate manufacturer should burn in Hell forever for the kind of sacrilege he has performed.


7. Have a look at this


8. Mobile phones- Left one is a genuine product while the right one is fake


9. See the widgets section. Left one- real. Right one- fake

Credits : CultNuts

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