[ Explained ] Secret Of Invisible Price Action Indicated By Bookies And Institutional Investors.

Hi , Today I will tell you about some interesting facts about the Secret Of Invisible Price Action Indicated By Bookies And Institutional Investors.

We Indian traders always thinks that market is being moved my exchanges or some has rumours that one person is operator in the exchange and he operates the price action in the market.

There is no operator in this market full market moves on simple supply and demand and in easy words , only actual traded buy and sell quantity.

But Bookies and Institutional Investors give some signs of exact market movement side. That is Exactly in which direction they will move the market with heavy buying or selling .
These price action occurs very often , infact some times it can be seen almost 3-4 times a week. And this price action indication is for full commodity , equity and future.
Currency is not in this category.

• Now Let’s See What Actually Is That Secret Price Action With Timings.
You might have seen many times that in commodities between 10:00 AM to 3:00 PM , any commodity made a high or low as given below…

Example For Crude Oil: 3004 or 3014 or 3054 or 3094 ,
these are the 3 figures ==>> 04, 14 , 54 , 94  <<==  that are signs of perfect trend change.
• Now We Take A live Example :

Suppose Crude oil opens at 2950 and between 10:00 AM to 3:00 PM it makes a high of 2954 or 2994 or 3014 , then it is 100% confirm that , now it will not break that particular high in any case even if there is inventory also in crude oil.

• Formula To Calculate Target Point In This Condition
For HIGH made condition : That is Open @2950 and high made 3014
(This target will achieve 100%)

• Suppose Today Open 2950 , Today High 3014
• Sell at any price near to 3014 after 3:00 PM and then calculate the target as calculation given below.

CALCULATION : 3014 – ( 3014 – 2950 )
                             = 3014 – ( 64 )
                            = 2950 ( Profit Booking Point )

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